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A Short Film

Dealbreaker movie poster.jpg

A Film by Dustin Hawkins

Draven Hawk is a young man that struggles with several mental handicaps including suicide and as badly as he wants to he is afraid to end it. By chance though he meets a demon by the name of Forneus, that is willing to give him an easy way out in exchange for a good 7 days of getting what he wants out of life. But when Draven discovers how much better life really can be with his handicaps lifted will he still want to end it?

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Dustin Hawkins | Retro Hawk Productions | Director & Independant Film Maker

Dustin Hawkins


Director, Writer & Executive Producer

David Hall


Draven Hawk

David Hall.jpg

John A. Niebruegge


Character: Forneus

Yash Gajera


Character: Andromalius


Sage Buchanan


Character: Social Counselor

Jackie Aufderheide


Character: Jessica Hellington


Angel Yvonne


Character:  Dark Lord

Cinematagrapher: Lucas Falco Cohen

Beast Team - Cosprops FX Creature

Beast: Tony Ackerman
Handler 1: Justin MacRae
Handler 2: Cecilia Reed

Assistant Director/Set Decorator/Prop Master: Christy Ray Henry

Lead Makeup Artist: Kelly Mathews
Special Effects Makeup Artist" Kari Harbour
Dialogue Coach" Paula Vanlandingham, M.A.
1st Assistant Camera: Caleb Wieland
Chief Lighting Tech/Jib Operator: Adrian Proleiko
Assistant Lighting Techician: Anthony Graham
Script Supervisor: Allison Uhlenhop


Forneus' Son Emmett: Philip King
Forneus' Son Caretaker: Jenna Heckethorn
Forneus' Demon Escort: Michael Beran
Flashback Extra: Carissa Kame Schaeffer


Attendee Spencer: Spencer Icarus Kennedy
Attendee Susan: Sarah Elise Menez
Attendee 1: Ashley LeRouge
Attendee 2: Anna-Lisa McMillen


Co-Worker 1: Valeri Bates
Co-Worker 2: Michael Shao
High Five Officer Worker: David Teufel
Draven's Boss Stevie: Bennett Jr.
Passing By Co-Worker 1: Audra Hina
Passing By Co-Worker 2: Dillion Latham


Sydney Alexander Muck

Mallory Lynn Mccoy
Emily Ritoch

Kimberly Gamble
Nicholas Forristal

Jennifer Forristal
Katie Jo Cooper

Jacqueline Bussard
Steve Rice

Lee Stewart Jr.
Damien Miller

Mellisa Rice
Jordyn R. Henry

Jayson Brown
Eric Willis

Josh Jackson


Josh Jackson

Kelly Edmondson
Shane St. James

Kelsey Nicholes
Charlie Como

Becky Como
Christopher H. Scherer

Kathy VanAntwerp
James Defries

Abi Kochay
Arwen Como

Charlotte S. Gilman
Birgit Self

Ronan Ball
Jessica Ball

Sarah Ball
Joseph Pieken

Zander Latham
Hudsyn White

Kenn Marlowe
Erika Mileman

Sydney Fris
Robin Mitchell

Payton Green
Landon Hudson

Tyler Campbell
Jodi Krantz

Brian Latham
Steven Faber

Shawnda Salazar
Mac Kettner

Cathy (Cat) Garrett
Jeremy Walter

Alan Schmelzle


Nathan Akpan

Tim Burgess
Joe Schlottach

Matt Wacker
Mark Baumgartner

Kari Harbour
Ian McKay



Executive Producer: Dustin Hawkins
Co-Producer: Nancy Eppert
Written by Dustin Hawkins
Co-Writer: Kira Lee Harris
ADR by Safe Harbor Post Production
Additional Voices: Thadd Triplett
Sound Tech: Zack Terrell
Boom Operator 1: Jeremiah Harris
Boom Operator 2: Evan Richardson
Boom Operator 3: Dillion Latham
Boom Operator 4: Anthony Graham
Slate Operator 1: Dillion Latham
Slate Operator 2: Kari Harbour

Second Unit

Director of Photography: Caleb Wieland
Sound Recordist: Alex Vito Fuegner
Slate Operator: Ian McKay
Makeup: Kari Lynne Eoff
Special Effects: Ian Mckay
Editor: Dustin Hawkins
Drone Pilot 1: Wayne Gassman
Drone Pilot 2: Heath Cajandig Photography
Breakable Glass Props Maker: Vivian Hayes
Draven's Paintings: Amanda Bailey
Manga Shirt Art: Joe Schlottach
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Taylor Ann
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Zachary McNulty
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Shawnda Salazar
Ending Credits Song Deep Faith Groove by SCREAM and Fr.V
Additional Music by SOLO Deep

Special Thanks

Lost Productions Peace Frame Productions
City of Independence Corporate Copyprint
Cindy McClain-McClain Enterprises Accent Colors Dialect Coaching
Katfour Photography Talking Horse Productions
Brass Engine Creations E3 Graphic Design
Travis Buck
Retro Hawk Productions

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