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A Fantasy Tale

Escape film poster.jpg

A Film by Dustin Hawkins

The plans have been stolen that could change the tide of a war. Sinc, Jade and her physically connected pet dragon Namu, must escape from the planet with the stolen information and rendezvous with their team for pickup. But can they get there in time!

Escape, is a short fan film composed of both Star Wars and Stargate fandoms with several others. This was the first time we created a film with a puppet.  With the help of St. Louis Fantasy Puppetry and Performance.  It was a one day shoot with a lot crammed into it.  We hope you'll enjoy this short that we filmed with limited resources and difficult restrictions during the pandemic of 2020.

Dustin Hawkins | Retro Hawk Productions | Director & Independant Film Maker

Dustin Hawkins


Director, Writer & Executive Producer

Carissa Schaeffer


Character: Jade & Namu Puppeteer
Carissa and her puppet, Namu, are St. Louis born entertainers hailing from a backround filled with cosplay and performance. Enjoy the sights and songs of this enterouge as they sweep you into a world of fantasy. Namu the Griffon adores meeting new people and is excited to introduce you to his other puppet friends! You can find this little Troupe around various events as they travel with local charity groups to promote magic and fun with St. Louis Fantasy Puppetry and Performance. 


Caleb Wieland - Director of Photography
Adrian Proleiko - Camera Operator
Kari Harbour - Makeup Artist
Ian McKay - Special Effects
Matt Schacht - Gaffer
Peace Frame Productions - Light Equipment
Donald Callahan- Behind the Scenes Photographer
Phillip Meece - Stunt Coordinator
Joe Schlottach - SINC - Costuming - Maude Vintage & Clothing
Clay Aksarben Hielscher - Horus Guard 1
Ryan Garrison - Horus Guard 2
Travis Buck - Voice of Horus Guards
Cari McConnell - Jade Stand-In
WIlliam C Holmes - Boss RC 1138
Colin Sykes - Utapau Shadow Clone Commander
Scott Gordon - Fives
Kevin Sells - Jedi Temple Guard
Andy Shimamoto - Clone Trooper
Jessie Budahl - Jedi Master
Kyle Wieder - Commander Neyo

Voice of Clone Trooper -
Tim “Bone Man” Burgess - BB8 remote control
Adam Simmons - SPECIAL THANKS for props provided
Travis Buck - SPECIAL THANKS credits animation
Ben Watkins - SPECIAL THANKS for props provided

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