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Eat Organic

Short Film

Missouri Film Maker & Videographer | Eat Organic

A short dramedy film about eating organic.

Written & Directed by Dustin Hawkins.


A horrific story of how the world is turning into zombies from all of the processed foods that we've been consuming over the years.  It is a well known fact that a majority of people don't pay attention to the ingredients of what they are putting in their bodies.  Over the last decade, some secret organization has been building a chemical change in our bodies and the final ingredient to complete the transformation just went into our food and is turning everyone into flesh eating zombies!  Only those who have been eating organic are unaffected.


This is the story of one particular fellow named Logan and his girlfriend Lucy.

Red Dirt International Film Festival
Vox Magazine
Daniel Wise | Eat Organic | Retro Hawk Productions

Daniel Wise


Character:  Logan


A Kansas City, MO/KS based actor.  He has been working for Marvel for over three years, often appearing at corporate events as Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and is the largest Spider-Man they have on record.  Previous guest of numerous comic-cons and has been hired to work multiple movie premiers, local charity events, and meet with sick children at Children's Mercy Hospital.  He is really looking forward to working on this short film!

Amanda Fehlner


Character:  Lucy


Amanda Fehlner is an exceedingly versatile actor, with experience in everything from musical theatre to improv and film.  She has previously performed with Retro Hawk Productions as Dazzler in Rare Breed and a Commander in Antediluvian.  She greatly enjoys Shakespeare and has performed such roles as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, and Hamlet (yes, Hamlet).

Amanda Fehlner | Eat Organic | Retro Hawk Productions
Cara Artman | Eat Organic | Retro Hawk Productions

Cara Artman


Character:  TV News Anchor


Cara Artman is a St. Louis actor who has appeared in films that have been shown at film festivals across the country.  She also does commercials, web series, and industrial films.  When she is not on camera, Cara can be found on stage doing St. Louis theatre.

Phillip Meece


Fight Director

Phillip Meece is a Theatre Major from William Jewell College who specializes in stage combat. Phillip participated in a number of workshops provided by the Society of American Fight Directors in 2008 and since has been involved in theatre, film and even an opera, exercising those skills.  Phillip continues to do fight direction for projects as a passionate hobby.

Phillip Meece | Eat Organic | Retro Hawk Productions
Harleigh Wacker | Eat Organic | Retro Hawk Productions

Harleigh Wacker


Assistant Director

When it comes to crew there's no one sharper and more on point than Harleigh Wacker.  She started taking film production courses at the age of 13 and continues her education through school and assisting on a variety of different productions including her own film.  Harleigh's passion for film continues to advance and grow on a daily basis. Her plans are to produce for television and pursue entertainment law.


Columbia, Missouri's haunted houses are getting in on the action to help make this film happen!  All of the amazingly talented workers and supporters of NecroPlanet will be there to make this film have the exciting and frightening feel that a zombie film should have!  


Click on the link above to find out more about their incredible haunted house attractions!

Necro Planet haunted house
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