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We are your all-in-one media provider.  Video and photography are our specialty! Seeking to spice up your cosplay look with some great shots and effects?  Look no further!  Have an idea for a film, but lack the skills and equipment to get it off the ground?  Let us help!  We are a very versatile group and work with other media groups in our area to create amazing independent productions!


Our ultimate goal is always to have fun and help bring your art to life.



Meet Dustin

Retro Hawk Productions | Columbia, Missouri Videography



Well rounded in all aspects of media production: videography, editing, visual and practical special-effects, directing, writinga nd acting as well as still photography.

Retro Hawk Productions | Columbia, Missouri Independant Film Maker



Illinois native, Dustin Hawkins, started working in broadcasting back in 2002 at what is now the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla.

Retro Hawk Productions | Columbia, Missouri indie film maker



“The best thing about working with Dustin is his ability to interpret what others are wanting and bring that to life.”

-local business owner

Why would I want to hire or work with Retro Hawk Productions?

  • 15+ years of videography experience

  • Certified in Adobe Suite Editing Software

  • Personal attention to what you want without being nickel and dimed on the hour for it

  • Top notch customer service

  • Creative in and out of the box - some people want main stream style ideas and some don't - we can accommadate both

  • Flexible schedule and rates - we work with your schedule and budget

  • Willing to travel

We are an organization of professional independent film makers and artists.  Have you ever wanted to make a music video or write a story and make it into a move or need help promoting your artists skills and talents to find paying jobs?

This is one ticket you should pursue in helping to build that portfolio and have fun helping out your fellow artists on projects while also promoting your talents.



Movie Making/

Event Filming

Movie Making/

Event Filming


Let us bring your vision to life!  You have a story, but no equipment?  We can help bring those words on the pages to life.  We can also cover your event and get the energy and message you want to deliver.

Music Videos

Music Videos


Nowadays, music videos are a key element in bringing your music to a wider audience.  It is amazing how many people will get into a band because of how much they liked their music video(s).  Furthermore, the amount of coverage you can get with a music video is outstanding, touching audiences in ways you never thought of before with not just your music, but also your image.

Modeling/ Cosplay Photography


Cosplay Photography


It is important to obtain photos that represent you the way you want to be seen.  Let us help you deliver that message through professional images of yourself…or your character.  We specialize in not only taking good photos of you, but adding the elements and effects necessary to bring your cosplay to life!

Commercials/ Advertisements



Not just for television, but your online presence, as well!  Even a web designer can benefit greatly from having a commercial that they can put on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+, Instagram, and any other place that will draw customers in and give you the business you need to show others why they need to hire you and not the competition.

Demo Reel

Demo Reel


Nothing knocks a buyer’s or employer’s socks off like a great demo reel to show them of what you are made!  Having a demo reel always puts you at the top of the viewing list for anyone looking to hire you



Music Videos

SONG:  What So Not - Touched by Slumberjack

MUSICIAN:  Ruth Acuff


What People Say


This is an incredible group to work with, especially Dustin. The quality of their work speaks for how passionate they are of their craft. Everything from basic cosplay photography to high-end video production with special effects, they are top-notch. Will work with them again!!


They are fantastic. I had a ton of fun shooting with them and got amazing pictures. Dustin gave me great instructions on how to stand and where to look. It helped me, especially since I'm normally at a loss when taking photos. Thank you so much retro hawk for the shoot!


Crisp, clean production with a touch of visionary style. Projects with RHP are highly sought after by performance artists in mid-Missouri because Dustin's filming, editing, and effects skills are top notch and shooting with him is always fun. Unless its a serious shot


They took some awesome pictures of us a few weeks ago In Columbia, KC. They turned out amazing! They were a great group to work with very willing to set up request shots and had a terrific spot picked out for the shoot. Definitely would recommend them and can't wait to do another shoot! Thanks again guys!

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